Explore PPPs, where the collaborative power of public and private sectors drives innovation and efficiency in infrastructure development and service delivery.


 Building and upgrading essential systems like roads, bridges, utilities, and telecommunications to support economic and social activities.


The cornerstone of city development. Building and renovating structures within urban environments, enhancing cityscapes and improving living conditions.


Discover the cultivation of sustainable environments, combining eco-friendly practices with innovative design to enhance community health and conserve resources. 

Welcome to Ouffson Advisory International

A pioneering consulting firm specializing in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) across Sub-Saharan Africa. We excel in providing top-tier professional services in public-private partnerships, infrastructure development, urban construction, and the cultivation of sustainable environments. Our global reach and a team of multidisciplinary experts are dedicated to crafting innovative solutions and building infrastructures that endure.

At Ouffson Advisory International, we focus on guiding public and private partnerships through meticulous project organization and promoting the fair allocation of tasks and risks among stakeholders. Emphasizing the importance of robust project structuring for technical and economic feasibility, financing, budgeting, and scheduling ensures the long-term success and viability of projects.


Feasibility Studies

Our dedicated team tailors solutions that are not only feasible and sustainable but also economically efficient, socially responsible, and operationally optimized.


We recognize the uniqueness of each project, tailored to meet specific client demands. Our deep regional knowledge enables us to deliver precisely what our clients need.


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Financial Advisory

We offer expert financial services in areas such as energy, climate protection, infrastructure development, and sustainable environments, supporting a broad spectrum of public and private clients

We are here to assist with all your PPP needs!

Boasting over two decades of collective experience in project management, our expertise spans construction, commercial management, procurement, finance, engineering, and information technology. Our project footprint includes extensive work in Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, and Ghana, with ongoing expansion across the region. Our mission is to expertly navigate our clients through every phase of their project's lifecycle, ensuring a deep understanding of all facets and challenges.


Leaders in Public-Private Partnerships

Our team comprises seasoned legal, financial, and technical experts who specialize in the structuring, tendering, contracting, and execution of complex PPP projects. We operate across diverse sectors including transportation, healthcare, education, and water management. Our approach helps clients identify their project requirements while offering strategic involvement in the structuring, tendering, and management phases. Beyond facilitating access to private capital, we are committed to delivering sustainable, cost-effective, and innovative project solutions.

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Strong financial backing in PPPs allows for:
- Risk Mitigation: Adequate financial resources help manage and absorb potential risks associated with complex infrastructure projects.
- Project Viability and Continuity: Ensures that projects are not only initiated but also completed on time and within budget, and continue to operate efficiently over their intended lifespan.
- Investment Attraction: A financially strong PPP is more likely to attract additional investment from banks, financial institutions, and other investors, due to reduced financial risk.
- Flexibility in Financing: Allows for innovative financing solutions such as project bonds, loans, and equity investments, adapting to the most favorable financial conditions over the project’s duration.

In essence, the financial strength of the entities involved in PPPs is foundational to the successful planning, execution, and sustainability of the projects, making it a key pillar of any successful public-private venture.


Meet our expert team of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Advisors, dedicated to crafting sustainable and innovative solutions for infrastructure and development projects. With a proven track record of facilitating successful collaborations between government entities and private sector partners, our advisors offer tailored strategies that drive efficiency, enhance value, and meet the economic and social objectives of communities around the globe. Tap into our deep industry knowledge and comprehensive approach to ensure your PPP initiatives are structured for success.

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Through our tailored advisory services, Ouffson Advisory International continues to build trust and deliver excellence, reinforcing our commitment to your project’s success. Join us in paving the way for innovative and sustainable development in your region.



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